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Contract - 0xbffdd152a9da1eda4afcc550fb1c789019e75334
Contract code is not verified in the Ethersan at the moment to avoid immediate cloning. It will be verified before this crowd funding gets completed.

About Ace Wins

Ace Wins - An exclusive ERC 20 Tokens with the inbuilt HODL Rewards system, developed to support the existing casino games and the future games that are being developed. Since the tokens pay you HODL Rewards, we limited the initial supply to 9,000,000 tokens. Later, considering the feedback from the people, we burned 6,754,694 tokens (including the HOLD rewards so far) and limited the total supply to 2,500,000 tokens. Click here to see the tokens that are burned.

1) Invest in our Casino and earn up to 1 percent dividend everyday.
2) Purchase the Matrix Plans and earn high commissions.
3) Buy ACE Tokens and get dividends from the casino's revenue.
4) Promote your affiliate links and earn commissions.

3X BlackJack - Click here to Play


The first of its kind ERC 20 Token that pays up to 21% monthly HODL Rewards automatically just for holding your tokens. The HODL Rewards are credited automatically to your wallet after the completion of every block in the block chain which sums to 21% a month approx if you allow the rewards to compound. After every year, the HODL Rewards get halved to prevent inflation. The expected opening price in the external exchange is 3 USD. Our BlackJack is the only casino in the world that pays 3 to 1, which means you'll get paid 3X if you hit the blackjack. Social Roulette is on its way, which spins once in every 40 seconds, where the results are same for all the players in every round.

Safe & Secure

Ace Wins - An ERC 20 Token that functions on the Ethereum Blockchain, which is safe and secure!


Minimum Supply Token that pays HODL Rewards just for holding the tokens. Hence, the demand is more!


ACE WINS will be listed in most of the leading Crypto Exchanges after the Crowd Funding. We are in talks with a few leading exchanges already.


After April 15, 2019 Ace Token Holders can join the revenue share program and earn dividends from the casino in ETH or BTC.

Poker - Soon to be launched...
American Roulette - Under Testing
HI LO Dice - Under Development
Crash Game - Under Development

We are in talks with the following exchanges. More exchanges will be approached soon.

Road Map

Transparent Action Plan

September 7, 2018
Black Jack & Social Roulette Development
Nov 24, 2018
Limited Token Pre-Sale
Dec 5, 2018
Blackjack Launch
Dec 18, 2018
Round I Token Sale
December 2018
American Roulette Development
January 2019
Deep Level Research about Casinos
February 2019
Round II Token Sale
February 22, 2019
Social Roulette Launch
March to June 2019
Poker - Beta Testing
July 2019
Poker Launch & HI LO Dice Beta Testing
August 2019
Crash Game Launch
September 2019
More Games & Expansion

Token Sale Allocation

A fair distribution structure of our tokens


Bankroll for the games


Development of future games


Marketing & Promotions

(Heavy promotion aimed towards International Crypto Youtubers)

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this Crowd Funding is to raise money for Casino Bankroll and develop future games.
We started with a total supply of 9 Million Tokens. Later, we burned the tokens and reduced the total supply to 2,500,000 Tokens.
Yes BlackJack and Social Roulette is live. Poker, American Roulette, HI LO Dice and Crash Game are under development.
No! You will not get ETH or BTC dividends instantly. Only ACE HODL rewards will be credited instantly and automatically. We will launch the Casino Revenue Share program by 15 April 2019. You have to participate in the Casino Revenue Share program by signing up with your ETH address that has the ACE tokens. 60 percent of the revenue generated from the casino will be distributed proportionately to all the token holders who participate in the Revenue Share program after 15 April 2019.
The dividend depends upon the revenue generated from the Casino. Initially you may receive small dividends. But over a period of time, your dividends will increase as the casino gets bigger. You will receive dividends forever until this Casino is in the business.
Sign up for an account and purchase all the three Matrix Plans. Invest 25% of your Matrix Commission in the Casino and collect up to 1 percent dividends every day. Keep re-investing 25% of all your profits and earn a passive income. You can also purchase ACE Tokens and earn passive income by participating in the Casino Revenue Share Program.
Sign up for an account and login to the dashboard to purchase ACE WINS Tokens.
You have to raise a withdrawal request from the dashboard to transfer the tokens to your wallet. After your request, it will be transferred within 24 hours.
We have an automatic random spill over system which may give you downlines automatically, even if you do not refer anyone. This is a first of its kind exclusive system developed by us.
Yes! Affiliates earn affiliate commission for all the transactions of their referrals, except the matrix transactions. To get a commission for the matrix transactions, affiliates should purchase the matrix plan.
After the completion of Round II Token sales, Internal Exchange will be enabled in the dashboard.
ACE WINS Tokens will be listed in the external exchanges by April 2019.

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*Any investment in Crypto is risky. Do not invest anything that you cannot afford to lose.